How to dispose of used tyres

As a business or an individual that produces used tyres, you must do everything you can to dispose of them safely and responsibly.

Your business's used tyres

There are steps to take when you're disposing of your used tyres.

Know who's collecting your tyres

People who collect your used tyres must be authorised to do it.

Check a waste collector's registration (Wales)

If your waste collector's business is in England, check with the Environment Agency.

Know where your used tyres are going

Ask your waste collector where they're taking your tyres. They should take the used tyres to a site that has a permit to deal with them.

Check that the site has a permit.

Keep records

When they collect your used tyres, ask them to give you a waste transfer note. This will tell you where your used tyres are going. 

You'll need to complete part of it then sign it.

Keep a copy of this note for two years. We, or your local authority, can ask you for a copy of it. 

Storing used tyres

You should store as few tyres on your site as possible. 

Make sure tyres are removed from the site regularly.

If you stockpile tyres, this should only be for a short time. Make sure that the tyres are stored safely and securely away from any potential ignition sources.

Used tyres at home

Find out what to do with used tyres at home (Wales recycles).

Report concerns about people who collect waste

If you think that someone:

  • is getting rid of waste illegally
  • is storing waste illegally
  • isn't complying with their permit or exemption

you must not give them your tyre waste.

Report suspected illegal activity to us.

The waste duty of care

We all have a legal responsibility to deal with waste safely and responsibly. This is called our duty of care.

Find out more about organisations' waste roles and responsibilities.

Find out more about disposing of your household waste.

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