North East Wales Area Statement

North East Wales encompasses the three separate counties of Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham. It features large urban communities, industry, several of the country’s major transport arteries and some stunning scenery.

Climate emergency

We live in a North East Wales where we respond to the climate emergency, and our built and natural landscapes, supporting infrastructure, economy and society are climate ready, adaptable and resilient to climate change.

Develop and improve urban and rural green infrastructure

In North East Wales, we have greener more inviting urban areas providing multiple benefits and supporting people in leading healthier more active lifestyles. Nature-based solutions deliver a wide range of environmental and health and well-being benefits for our communities.

Increasing woodlands

North East Wales will be known for its high-quality woodlands. New woodland creation will reflect landscape character and local culture, whilst delivering the wealth of environmental, economic and social benefits that woodlands and forests have to offer.

Promoting the resilience of ecosystems in maintaining and enhancing biodiversity

We live in a vibrant and biodiverse North East Wales where we reverse the decline in biodiversity, and key species and habitats are valued and understood by its communities.

Farming and sustainable land management

A sustainable, resilient agricultural food and land management system which supports livelihoods, protects soil and water, maintains and enhances biodiversity whilst also reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly contributes to public good.