Find out about the process of advertising abstraction licence proposals

How do you advertise an application?

Advertising is easier than it used to be. We:

  • are responsible for publishing the notice of an application for a licence. This makes the process easier for applicants and will ensure consistency and reduce the possibility of errors
  • arrange for the notice to be published on our website, and once in a suitable local newspaper
  • make a copy of the notice and application forms available for public inspection at our local office
  • receive and deal with representations (via email or post)
  • send you a bill for the amount it cost us to advertise your application, plus a £100 administration fee

Who is responsible for advertising applications?

Natural Resources Wales is responsible for publishing a notice of a proposal for a licence, unless an exemption applies, or we decide that it does not need to be advertised.

Why is advertising necessary?

A proposal to abstract or impound water can have adverse effects on the environment or the rights of other water users. Publishing a notice is sometimes necessary to give other interested parties an opportunity to tell us what they think or find out what effect the proposal may have on other lawful uses of water that are not licensed or registered with us. We are required to consider these matters when we make a decision whether or not to grant a licence.

Why does the applicant have to pay an advertising administration fee?

The administration charge (£100) is to cover the cost of preparing the notice and co-ordinating publication of the notice on our website and in a suitable local newspaper.

In addition, the applicant pays the actual cost of publishing the notice in a local newspaper. We have no control over the charges made by local newspapers, but we will pass on any discounts that we receive.

For details of current charges, please refer to our Abstraction Charges Scheme. This scheme will be applicable to Natural Resources Wales as an interim measure.

How do you search for a notice?

All current notices are listed in one of the categories on the main notices page. Summary details of all applications are also held at our relevant local office. To find your local Natural Resources Wales office e-mail enquiries

How long do notices appear on the website for?

Notices will appear on our website for 28 consecutive days.

Any representations must be made within those 28 days. The closing date for representations is set out in each notice.

Who do you contact about general enquiries regarding a notice?

If you have any queries about a notice, a contact address, email details and a telephone number is given in each notice.

Please note, we will not treat any discussion as a representation unless confirmed in writing or by email.

Where can you view full details of an application?

If you wish to inspect a copy of an application you can do this by visiting the Natural Resources Wales office stated on the individual notice.

How do you make a representation?

Any representations must be made in writing via post or email.

Details of how to make a representation are contained in each individual notice.

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