Regulatory decision: specified generators used for research and development

This regulatory decision applies to operators of a specified generator with one or more tranche B generators for research and development testing.

It is valid until 1st January 2025 by which time we will review it.

You should check back at that time to find out if it is still valid.

Regulatory decision

Under Schedule 25B of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2018, operators must hold a permit to operate a specified generator with one or more tranche B generators, for research and development testing.

However, if you comply with the conditions in this regulatory decision, we will not enforce this requirement until 1 January 2025.

We have issued this regulatory decision because of the low environmental risks of testing these generators for short periods. We also recognise that it’s not practicable or cost beneficial to adapt these generators to meet emission limit values.

Conditions you must comply with

You must make sure:

  • you only test an individual generator with a maximum capacity of 20 megawatt thermal (MWth)
  • you only test more than one generator with a total capacity of less than 50 MWth at any one time
  • the main purpose of the generator is for testing and not for generating electricity · you write and follow a management system that identifies and minimises the risks of NOx (oxides of nitrogen) pollution to air

Before you use this regulatory decision

Tell us before you intend to operate under this regulatory decision. You must:

  • email
  • quote RD075
  • give a contact name
  • give the address of the research and development activity


A regulatory decision means that we will not normally take enforcement action against you provided:

  • your activity meets the description set out
  • you comply with the conditions set out
  • your activity does not, and is not likely to, cause environmental pollution or harm human health

If you operate under this regulatory decision but think you may no longer be able to comply with its conditions, you must stop the activity and tell us immediately.

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