Apply to change or transfer (vary) a marine licence

There are three kinds of change (variation) you can apply for:

  • administrative - such as changing the address of the licence holder
  • routine (or minor) - such as extending the expiry date of the licence
  • complex changes - such as changes to the method of the works

You cannot make changes to a band 1 licence or expired licences.

When to contact us before you apply

If you:

  • aren't sure which type of variation applies to you
  • want to make complex changes to your licence

contact the marine licensing team at

We'll let you know if you can apply for a variation or you will need to make a new marine licence application.

Apply for a variation

Pay your fee

Once you've completed the form you must pay one of the following fees:

  • £240 for an administrative change
  • £480 for a routine change
  • £120 hourly rate for complex changes, charged in arrears

Pay by calling us on 0300 065 3770 between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday or by BACS transfer to:

Company name: Natural Resources Wales
Company address: Income Department, PO Box 663, Cardiff, CF24 0TP
Bank: RBS
Address: National Westminster Bank Plc., 2 1/2 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4BA
Sort code: 60-70-80
Account number: 10014438

After you've applied

Once we receive your completed form and payment, we'll acknowledge receipt. We'll tell you how long it should take us to determine your application.

Our service levels are:

  • 21 days for an administrative change
  • 21 days for transferring of licence
  • 8 weeks for a routine change
  • 4 months for a band 2 complex change
  • no time limit for band 3 complex change
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