Charges for the intensive rearing of pigs and poultry permits

If your farm has more than 40,000 places for poultry, more than 2,000 places for production pigs (over 30kg), or more than 750 places for sows you will need an Environmental Permit.

The charges for these permits are:

New application: £9,270

Vary an existing permit: £595 administrative change only

£2,614 minor technical variation

£5,562 normal variation

£7,416 substantial variation

Transfer the permit: £2,601

Surrender the permit: £5,642

Types of variation

Administrative variation

Administrative variations are for alterations such as a change of name where there has been no change of legal entity. They don’t require any technical assessment or consultation so attract only an administration charge.

We do not charge for administrative variations that are initiated by us.

Minor technical variations

Minor technical variations require some technical input from us, but less than for a normal variation. You are advised to contact us to confirm that this is the correct type of application for your proposed changes before you submit your application.

Examples include:

  • adding an emission point where we do not have to carry out a technical assessment
  • revising an improvement condition following an improvement condition response
  • changing or setting limits following improvement conditions or other information that was not technically assessed during permit determination
  • changing reporting requirements

Normal variations

Variations that are not an administrative change, a minor technical change or a substantial change are a normal variation.

Substantial variations

These are variations where there is either:

  • a change having the potential to result in significant negative effects on the environment
  • where we decide public consultation is required
  • a derogation is required under the Industrial Emissions Directive

Read how we define substantial changes to operations.

An example of a substantial change would be an increase in capacity such that the emissions to air result in a significant negative effect to the environment.

An increase in capacity equal to, or more than, the threshold that brings an activity under Part A(1) of the Environmental Permitting Regulations (i.e. an additional 40,000 poultry places) would generally be considered a substantial variation.


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