How we buy what we need

Sell to Natural Resources Wales

When buying goods, works and services, our staff may use an existing contract / framework where appropriate to make the process of buying more efficient.

These may be specific contracts for us or other contracts made available to public sector bodies. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • National Procurement Service: this is a Welsh Government funded central purchasing body. We use various National Procurement Service framework agreements for the things we buy most often.
  • Crown Commercial Services: is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office providing a set of pre-tendered contracts with a range of suppliers from which public sector customers can purchase
  • Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation: is a public sector owned professional buying organisation with over 150 frameworks.

Our buying thresholds

Under £5,000

Where no appropriate contract / framework exists, staff may obtain one written quote from suppliers. Staff choose a supplier based on market knowledge.

£5,000 to £25,000 - 

Where no appropriate contract / framework exists, staff may obtain three written quote from suppliers. Staff are required to establish competition based on market knowledge.  Staff will on occasion use the ‘Quick Quote’ facility within Sell2Wales to advertise low value requirements.

Over £25,000 

We advertise all contracts / frameworks on the Sell2Wales website. If you would like to register as a potential supplier to us, please go to the Sell2Wales website. Sell2Wales lists public sector tenders published in Wales. It is a Welsh Government initiative that helps small and medium businesses work successfully with the Welsh public sector. 

Purchases above the following thresholds will be subject to the full Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and will be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union - Goods and Services - £106k and Works - £4.1 million.

Future opportunities 

If you want to find out about our upcoming contracts to be published on Sell2Wales, see the procurement pipeline updates. Please note this is subject to change.


In order to deliver sustainable procurement we are committed to incorporating relevant policies into our procurement processes, including but not limited to:




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