Applying to use land we manage: prepare a map

To apply for permission to use land we manage, you will need to send us a map. It must be detailed enough to show what parts of the land you want to use.

What to include on your map

Show where your facilities will be. Facilities include:

  • toilets
  • catering
  • waste bins
  • parking
  • shelters (for example gazebos)
  • staging areas
  • music
  • campsites
  • firepits
  • barbeques
  • vehicle fuelling areas
  • generators

If you plan to use a specific route you will need to mark:

  • the route from start to finish
  • any marshals and checkpoints
  • any first aid points

If you don't have a specific route draw a boundary around the area you want to use.

After you apply

We will check that the areas you have marked on the map are available on the dates you have requested. If we can’t give you access then we may suggest a different route, or ask you to change the location of the facilities.

Apply to use land we manage

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