Applying to use land we manage: create a risk assessment

To apply to use land we manage, you will need to create a risk assessment.

We will ask you to attach your completed risk assessment to your application.

What to include

Your risk assessment must include the following information as a minimum:

  • name of the activity organiser
  • summary of activity (for example carriage driving or mountain biking)
  • location of activity
  • name of person that prepared the risk assessment
  • date the assessment was made

For each hazard you must identify:

  • who could be harmed
  • controls you will put in place
  • the risk rating for severity, likelihood of harm and level of risk


Hazard Who could be harmed Severity (1-5) Likelihood (1-5) Risk level (1-5) Controls
Brambles, nettles, twigs Adult participants 1 1 1 Encourage awareness amongst participants, keep a first aid kit, observation

Apply to use land we manage

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