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NRW eSales

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Standing sales

Standard purchase of standing trees by weight (tonnage).  Contracts sold via eSales comprise of:

  • Lot summary and standing sale particulars, which summarise coupe details, contract period and mensuration data
  • Site specific conditions
  • Location, constraint, operation and road maps

Retained timber element

On certain standing sales contracts, we may place a requirement for a retained timber element (RTE). This will be expressed as a fixed quantity (in tonnes) of timber that will remain under our ownership. The customer is requested to harvest and present the timber at roadside according to our specification.

In calculating the tender price to be offered through eSales for the standing parcel, the customer must consider the harvesting cost for producing this RTE, as no separate recompense is made for the contractor cost.

If there is an RTE requirement on the contract, a set of clauses will be included in the contract terms and conditions, which will also detail the cutting specification. The Sales & Marketing Officer for the region will be able to answer any queries regarding RTE.

Short-term hardwood contracts are offered via eSales.

Roadside sales

Contracts sold via eSales comprise of:

  • Standard purchase of roundwood by weight at roadside specification terms and conditions.
  • Location map, site safety rules and risk assessment will still appear separately.
  • Roadside sales of small roundwood termed as chip wood, pulpwood, posts, and stakes, are offered via eSales.

Bid conditions

NRW will not accept conditional bids on eSale lots.

Tree diseases in the UK and Wales

Important note: Following finding of Phytophthora pluvialis in Wales, there may be legal restrictions on movement of timber from certain areas of Wales. Please see Welsh Government’s website for more information. Phytophthora pluvialis | GOV.WALES

For information on other pests and diseases, such as Phytophthora ramorum, Chalara (ash dieback) and acute oak decline which are affecting forests, please see our Tree health and biosecurity section

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