Natural Resources Wales gives notice that it proposes to carry out improvement works to the flood defences at Friog Corner in Fairbourne, Gwynedd, adjacent to Penrhyn Drive South (NGR SH611121) and Friog Corner Caravan Park. The proposed improvement works will involve the following: piling a 115m length of buried sheet pile cut off wall though the landward face of the sea defence embankment to manage the seepage of sea water through the embankment, which is causing flooding to the land behind the embankment. A road closure request for Penrhyn Drive South has been authorised by Gwynedd Council Highways Department, which will cover the period of construction. The footpath along the embankment crest will remain open.

Rock armour revetment works were completed on the seaward face of the embankment at Friog Corner in winter 2018-2019. After construction, seawater seepage was seen to emerge through the embankment during high spring tides, which flooded the land behind the defence. The proposal intends to manage the seepage issue This project is classed as Improvement works under the EIA (Land Drainage Improvement Works) Regulations.

Natural Resources Wales has screened the project in relation to the regulations and has concluded that any significant effects are unlikely. Environmental aspects have been considered in the design and construction and both a Habitats Regulations Assessment and Environmental Action Plan have been produced. These are available via our NRW Enquiries team:

Any person wishing to make representations in relation to the likely environmental effects of the proposed improvement works should do so, in writing, for the attention of Sherron Kitchen to the email address specified above, within 30 days of the date of publication of this notice.

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