All of our consultation responses to date this year:

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Welsh Government Consultation: Improving the availability of allotments and community gardens PDF [48.4 KB]
Water Strategy for Wales PDF [301.6 KB]
Welsh Government Consultation: Proposed indicators for the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation 2014 PDF [147.9 KB]
Water Resources Strategy PDF [99.4 KB]
The Review of Designated Landscapes in Wales The Written Evidence of Natural Resources Wales PDF [194.9 KB]
Welsh Government Consultation Document: Regional Engagement and Partnership Structures in the Tourism Sector PDF [153.2 KB]
Natural Resources Wales Response to Welsh Government Consultation: Improving the Availability of Allotments and Community Gardens, July 2014 PDF [304.0 KB]
Response to the Consultation on Delivering Growth An Action Plan for the Food and Drinks Industry 2014 – 2020 PDF [211.8 KB]
Management Plan 2015-2019 PDF [346.7 KB]
Regulatory Reporting PDF [183.2 KB]
Listening to you: Your health matters Public Health White Paper PDF [244.7 KB]
Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Proposals for UK Marine Monitoring Programmes PDF [161.0 KB]
Curriculum for Wales Revised Areas of Learning and programmes of study Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4 PDF [218.8 KB]
Local Government Byelaws (Wales) Act 2012 Implementation Consultation on new guidance and subordinate legislation under the Local Government (Wales) Byelaws Act 2012. PDF [222.5 KB]
Developing the Welsh Marine Plan A draft Scope, Draft Vision and related Objectives PDF [94.1 KB]
EEA Consultation on conservation status EU biogeographic level PDF [268.2 KB]
Designating settlements the Active Travel (Wales) Act will apply to - Response by Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru/Natural Resources Wales PDF [134.4 KB]
Consultation on Welsh CoGAP review of documentation PDF [185.7 KB]
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