All of our consultation responses to date this year:

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Consultation Response Form: Proposed additional PDRs for Code Operators PDF [84.8 KB]
M4 corridor around Newport Natural Resources Wales response to the draft plan subject to public consultation between 23 September 201 and 16 December 2013 PDF [141.2 KB]
M4 Corridor around Newport Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report PDF [440.5 KB]
M4 Corridor around Newport Consideration of the options in relation to the requirements of the Habitats Regulations PDF [409.8 KB]
Common Agricultural Policy Reform Direct Payments to Farmers: Next Steps 1 May 2013 PDF [337.6 KB]
The Common Agricultural Policy Reform Welsh Government’s Proposals for Direct Payments to Farmers PDF [293.9 KB]
OFWAT Consultation: Setting price controls for 2015-20 Business Planning expectations PDF [147.8 KB]
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