We are committed to supporting the delivery of sustainable development by working closely and proactively with our partners and customers to help direct development to the most appropriate locations

We are consulted by both planning authorities and developers for our expert advice on likely environmental effects from development proposals. We also advise local planning authorities preparing local development plans.

We seek to ensure that our advice is evidenced based, clear, and consistent to help determining bodies and developers make environmentally informed decisions.

Our consultation topics sets out when we want to be consulted by planning authorities and applicants.

You can find out more about the service we provide to applicants by visiting the “Our service to developers" section.

Check the environmental constraints relevant to your development

You can use the spatial data available on ‘DataMapWales’ to check some of the environmental constraints on our checklist that are relevant to your development.

‘DataMapWales’ presents geographic information and tools with a focus on Wales. Welsh Government provide DataMapWales in combination with other pubic sector partners.

Please see below the list of environmental constraints on our development planning checklist you can find on the DataMapWales. Where they are not available on DataMapWales we have provided a link to additional sources where you can find data and information. 

Spatial Data Layers Location of Data

Historic landfill sites


Main rivers


Source protection zones


Nitrate vulnerable zones


Geological conservation review site


Protected sites

Ramsar, SAC (includes marine), SPA (includes marine), SSSI, NNR, MCZ, AONB


National parks


Flood zone 2


Flood zone 3


Flood defences


Development Advice Map zone C1

Development Advice Map

Development Advice Map zone C2

Development Advice Map

Aquifer designation Wales: bedrock geology and superficial deposits


Groundwater vulnerability Wales: bedrock geology and superficial deposits


Mains sewer line

Available on request through Welsh Water.

European protected species



Submitting your consultations to us

You can submit your planning consultations to one of our development planning advice teams. Their contact details can be found here.

Our responses to consultations

You can view copies of our responses to government and other public consultations in our consultations responses.

See also:

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