Building in an area at risk of flooding

If you are planning a development: 

You should avoid proposing residential development in Zone C2. However you may be able to build other structures in this area.

Our role in your development proposals

If your proposal is at risk of flooding, your local authority will consult with us for advice. This is a compulsory step in the planning process because we are 'statutory consultees'.

We will advise your local authority about: 

  • the flood risks from rivers and the sea
  • whether your Flood Consequence Assessment and supporting documents are acceptable and technically sound
  • whether your proposals meet the requirements of Planning Policy Wales and TAN15

We do not give advice about:

  • surface water flood risk and drainage
  • risk from small watercourses
  • coastal erosion risk
  • groundwater flooding
  • emergency plans
  • procedures and measures to address structural damage that may result from flooding

Find our more about our role in planning and development

Other permits and consents

As well as planning permission for your proposal, you may need to apply to us for other permits and consents.

This is to make sure your development will not interfere with our flood risk management assets or harm the local environment, fisheries or wildlife.

You need to apply to us for a flood risk activity permit if you want to develop:

  • on or near a main river
  • on or near flood defences
  • on or near sea defences
  • in a flood plain

Contact us to check if you need other licences, consents, approvals or permissions. There may be a charge for this service. 

You could be breaking the law if you start work without getting the necessary permits and permissions.

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