Offshore wind developments

Offshore wind

Offshore wind is an established and proven renewable energy technology.

In Wales, we have three operational offshore wind farms off the North Wales coast: Gwynt y Mor, Rhyl Flats and North Hoyle as well as transmission cables from nearby developments.

Offshore windfarms can have impacts on the environment including, birds, marine mammals, benthic ecology, fish and visual impacts. Careful planning and siting of developments is essential to avoid and minimise impacts.

Guidance, Evidence and Data

Find guidance, data and evidence for your offshore wind development.

Guidance on consenting and assessments

Guidance on receptors

Guidance on data for assessments

NRW evidence priorities, research and reports

Other information sources

Wales’ natural resources offer great potential to generate renewable energy from the wind, waves and tide. Through sustainably managing these resources we can ensure the right development in the right place, help meet decarbonisation targets and enable blue growth in Wales.

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