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Marine renewable energy can have impacts on the environment including, birds, marine mammals, benthic ecology, fish and physical processes. Marine renewable energy developers must assess how their project may impact on the environment. 

Guidance, evidence and data

Find guidance, data and evidence for your marine renewable energy development.

Guidance on consenting and assessments

Guidance for receptors

Guidance on data for assessments

NRW evidence priorities, research and reports

Other information sources

Topic-specific Information Notes published by Welsh Government in collaboration with the Science & Evidence Advisory Group provide a shared understanding of the science and evidence that underpins the assessment of selected matters relevant to marine renewable energy developments in Wales. The notes include the views of NRW as a marine advisor at the point of publication (July 2022). These comments do not prejudice NRW’s future advice on specific project applications. NRW recommends developers review this information prior to assessments, they should not replace any required, project-specific engagement between project developers, consultants, NRW and their statutory consultees. The information is generic and advice on these issues for individual projects may change depending on case specific circumstances. It should also be recognised that the evidence base is continually evolving and information in the notes may need to be supplemented with evidence that has become available since publication.

Wales’ natural resources offer great potential to generate renewable energy from the wind, waves and tide. Through sustainably managing these resources we can ensure the right development in the right place, help meet decarbonisation targets and enable blue growth in Wales.

The sector is still developing and projects are still at demonstration stage. This is helping to grow understanding of environmental interactions which can be built into future projects.

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