South Central Wales Area Statement

Welcome to South Central Wales, home to 29% of the Welsh population yet covering only 6% of the country’s land mass. Despite its small size, this densely inhabited area has fantastic natural resources which supported communities throughout the industrial revolution, and now provide opportunities for the well-being revolution.


When natural resources flourish, society, well-being and the economy thrive too. We need to protect and improve the resilience of our ecosystems, enhancing the benefits they provide and preventing the loss of biodiversity.

The natural environment provides fantastic opportunities for well-being. Through the Area Statement, we are improving the way that our natural resources – and the benefits they afford us – are valued.

Through this Area Statement, we want to ensure that the water environments of South Central Wales are protected, managed and enhanced for the benefit of present and future generations.

We believe a healthy society isn’t one that waits for people to become ill. We all share a common responsibility to look at how our health is shaped by a broad range of social, cultural, political, economic and environmental factors, and to act accordingly for the benefit of future generations.

Air quality is a major issue in the highly urban environment of South Central Wales. We need to recognise and value the role that resilient ecosystems can play in improving the area’s air quality, ensuring that the natural environment is put at the heart of the solution.