As a society, we all need to work together in ways that we’ve never done before, adopting a more joined-up approach in order to find solutions to a range of complex challenges that we, and our natural environment, now face.


At Natural Resources Wales, we have been at the heart of developing a series of innovative Area Statements covering seven separate yet hugely diverse parts of the country.


Each Area Statement outlines the key challenges facing that particular locality, what we can all do to meet those challenges, and how we can better manage our natural resources for the benefit of future generations. They will be updated regularly and improved year-on-year as we engage with more people, gather new evidence, put forward ideas and work across boundaries to create opportunities. Watch this space, in other words.


Viewed together, the seven Area Statements can be seen as a collaborative response to what is known as the Natural Resources Policy, published by the Welsh Government in 2017, which sets out the key challenges and opportunities for the sustainable management of Wales’ natural resources into the future.


Read more about how we approach the impact assessments of Area Statements


Contact us if you would like to see our position statement which sets out how we will keep Area Statements under review.


The Wales Environmental Information Portal


Please note that our maps are not accessible for people using screen readers and other assistive technology. If you need this information in an accessible format, please contact us.


View the Wales Environmental Information Portal 


The Wales Environmental Information Portal is designed to communicate the evidence base behind the Area Statements. It is currently in a very early phase and will be developed over the coming months. You can use it to access maps on a wide range of topics and we are working to add summary information and a data catalogue to expand the information available.

Area Statements