Nature and Us - a national initiative on the future of the Welsh natural environment

What future do we want for our natural environment?

The Nature and Us vision is the shared vision for the natural environment of Wales.

It was created through several phases of engagement between February 2022 and March 2023. The aim was to develop a shared vision for the year 2050 and consider the changes we need to make leading up to 2030 and 2050, as individuals and as a country, to tackle the nature and climate emergencies.

We collated views from thousands of people all over Wales as part of a national conversation. We then asked a Citizens’ Assembly to consider those views, and to create the shared Vision.

Visit to read the shared vision for the environment and for more information about the programme.

Findings from the national conversation

The first phase of Nature and Us took place in spring 2022 and was held online. The  second phase took place over the summer and early Autumn. In spring 2023 a citizens’ assembly brought all the views collected together and agreed the vision for the natural environment of Wales.

You can find the final vision and full reports, videos and summary reports on the Nature and Us website.

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