Permit Application for proposed North Powys Bulking Facility at Abermule

Position Statement

Application Reference: PAN-018305

Applicant: Powys County Council

Facility: North Powys Bulking Facility, Abermule Business Park, Abermule, Powys, SY15 6NU

What has happened up until now?

Powys County Council has applied for a permit to operate a new facility for the bulking of non-hazardous material from kerbside collections.

Proposed operations at the site will be to accept and process up to 22,500 tonnes per annum (tpa) of non-hazardous waste. A maximum of 425 tonnes is proposed to be kept on site at any one time.

The only proposed treatment activity is the bulking up of materials. Materials received on site will be segregated before arrival and therefore will not require any manual sorting or separation.

A previous application from Powys County Council (PAN-013001) was refused earlier this year.

Read about why the application was refused.

The new application includes additional information to be assessed. Read an outline of the additional information provided by Powys County Council.

The application was considered “Duly made” on 9 June 2022. “Duly made” means that we have considered that the application is in the correct form and contains enough information for us to begin our determination. It does not necessarily mean that the application contains all the information we need to complete our determination.

We held a public consultation relating to this application, which closed on 23 November 2022. We considered this application was likely to be of high public interest, therefore in accordance with our Public Participation Statement, we took appropriate steps to raise awareness of the application to help facilitate responses to the consultation from the public and the community.

A virtual engagement event was held on 27 October 2022 as part of the consultation process, this gave any interested members of the community an opportunity to ask questions about the application, our role and the assessment process, thereby supporting an individual to submit an informed response.

We consulted with other bodies as per our working together agreements. Listening to others helps us to make better decisions. We make use of the expertise of others and make sure we have considered all the environmental risks.

We have consulted with the following organisations:

  • Powys County Council - Planning Department
  • Powys County Council - Environmental Health Department
  • Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service
  • Powys Teaching Health Board
  • Public Health Wales
  • Hafren Dyfrdwy Water Services Company

Correspondence relating to our consultation with other organisations will be available on our Online Public Register, as will their responses.

Read documents about this application on our Online Public Register.

Next steps

As a result of our continuing technical assessment, which has taken into consideration relevant consultation comments, we identified information that we require from the applicant. We served a schedule 5 notice on 12 January 2023, initially with a response required by 2 February 2023. This is a legal notice requiring information to be provided by a specific date. The deadline was amended to 16 February 2023 following a request from the applicant.

We received a response to our schedule 5 request, within the specified deadline.

Read the Schedule 5 Notice.    

We are currently assessing the information contained within the response.

We may need to request further information from the applicant as our determination continues and we consider all comments received as a result of our consultation. Any requests for further information will be placed on the online public register along with any subsequent responses. We will update this page to reflect that.

After the determination process, we will reach a draft decision to either grant or refuse the permit application. If that draft decision is to grant a permit, we will then re-consult with the public on our draft decision, again taking into consideration any relevant comments before reaching a final decision.

This page will be updated as the application progresses.

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