NRW statement on odour from Withyhedge Landfill, Pembrokeshire

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We are aware of the level of concern in the local community concerning activities at Withyhedge Landfill and the impact the reported odour is having on residents. We are taking this matter seriously.

We have received numerous reports of odour from Withyhedge Landfill in Pembrokeshire from surrounding communities. The landfill activity is regulated by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) under an Environmental Permit.

Offsite odour attributed to Withyhedge Landfill has been substantiated by NRW staff and we continue to visit several locations to investigate the smell further. We have also detected other smells in the area and recognise other odour sources are present.

Our regulatory officers attended the landfill on 2 November 2023 and 7 December 2023 to inspect aspects of the site operation and management which could be contributing to offsite odours.

Advice and instruction has been provided to the site operator and we are in continuing dialogue about odour mitigation and control.

A further visit is scheduled to take place at Withyhedge next week.

As well as site visits, our work to ensure compliance at permitted sites is carried out in various ways behind the scenes, including remote review of data, reports and other information.

We would encourage anyone affected by odour from Withyhedge Landfill to contact us and report via our 24-hour number - 0300 065 3000, ensuring to provide a description of the type of smell you are experiencing.

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