Grant applications: evidence resources to help develop your project

When you apply to us for grant funding you'll need to show what evidence you've used to develop your project.

Area statements

Area Statements outline the key challenges facing particular localities in Wales. They describe what we can all do to meet those challenges in each area, and how we can better manage our natural resources for the benefit of future generations.

Go to our Area Statements.

State of Natural Resources Report 2020

The State of Natural Resources Report 2020 (Sonarr) is an evidence report.

It builds on Welsh, UK and global assessments of the status and trends of natural resources.

It looks at the risks those trends pose to our ecosystems and to the long-term social, cultural and economic well-being of Wales.

Go to the State of Natural Resources Report 2020.

Wellbeing objectives

We have seven wellbeing objectives, described in our corporate plan. 

For each wellbeing objective, we explain:

  • Where we are now - the current situation in Wales
  • Where we want to be long-term - both for Wales and in NRW
  • What NRW will do up to 2022 to make this happen

Go to our wellbeing objectives.

Other sources of evidence

You can use other resources to develop your project, like public service boards wellbeing statements and findings from your own research.   

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