This Register gives a summary of The Forest Resource Plans (Natural Resources Plans) that have been approved by National Services, any subsequent amendments will be put on the felling licence register and Forest Design plans for private woodland estates.

Replanting periods are shown as the 5 year period following the felling period.

For further information on plans under development or approved plans for Natural Resources Wales visit the Forest Resource Plans page.

If you have any comments or feedback on Forest Resource Planning, you can contact the Forest Resource Planning team

If you have any comments or feedback on Forest Design Plans, you can contact the Forestry Permitting team

FRP Name Grid reference Nearest Town Applicant Proposed Work 2022-2026 2027-2031 2032-2036 2037-2041 End date for comments
Llangollen SJ115414 Llangollen Natural Resources Wales Felling 115.44 47.34 41.41 20.41 01/11/2021
Crycham SN879412 Tirabad Natural Resources Wales Felling 447 204 179 0 05/11/2021
Eryri SH564507 Beddgelert Natural Resources Wales Felling 100.7 73.9 67.1 53.1 18/11/2021
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