This Register gives a summary of harvesting operations that will take place under a Forest Management Plan. A Forest Management Plan clearly sets out a woodland owners plan for ten to twenty years. It provides felling permission for thinning, felling and restocking for the first five years of the plan and an outline approval for the following five years.

Any subsequent amendments to the felling program will be put on the felling licence register

Replanting takes place within 5 years after the trees have been felled.

FMP Ref FMP Name Grid reference Nearest Town Applicant Proposed Work 2022-2026 2027-2031 2032-2036 2037-2041 End date for comments
22-23 FMP5 Penpont SN970287 Brecon Tilhill - Sonia Winder FellingĀ  2.8 0 0 0 01/12/2022
22-23 FMP6 Lake Vrynwy Forest Estate SJ016191 Llanwddyn/td> Tilhill - David Crozier FellingĀ  212.83 191.32 0.00 0 01/12/2022
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