Charges for these activities and events will be subject to VAT at the standard rate, unless otherwise stated.

Activities will generally be charged the rates set out, but charitable or non-commercial events may only be charged the minimum administrative charge.

You will need to apply for permission before organising an event, project or activity on our land. We charge a £50 one-off administrative fee.

Activity Charges (Net of any VAT)


£50.00 per annum  (VAT EXEMPT)


£50.00 per annum

Carriage driving

£50.00 per horse per annum

Carriage driving events

£50.00 for the event plus £5.00 per horse per day

Chainsaw training

£100.00 per trainee per course

Charity/sponsored events

£50.00 per event

Education and Lifelong Learning

No charge

Education: commercial


Filming and photography costs



(GPS like orienteering by single individuals)

No charge – authorisation required for set up only

Horse events

£50.00 for event plus £3.00 per horse per day

Horse riding – individuals

£50.00 where annual permits are required

Horse riding – commercial

£100.00 per horse per annum

Husky event

£50.00 for event plus £2.00 per husky rig per day

Husky training - individuals

£50.00 per annum


National Agreement fee scale

Mountain bike demo days

£50.00 per day

Mountain bike events

£50.00 for event plus £2.00 per rider per day


National Agreement fee scale

Running events

£50.00 for event plus £1.00 per runner

Environmental surveys

£50.00 (VAT exempt)

Catering to support events

£50.00 minimum

Staff time where requested by permit holder

£250.00 per day or part

These charges will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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