Apply for permission to: film, organise an event or carry out an activity on our land

It will normally take up to 12 weeks to assess an application and complete an internal consultation. This will make sure that your activity or event can be carried out safely without affecting others who are using or working on our land. 

Check if you need permission to film, organise an event or carry out an activity on our land.

Filming on our land

This is the form you will need to carry out any filming on our land.

We have a wealth of unique locations available for hire. If you are looking to film the next Oscar winning blockbuster or need a backdrop for a television documentary, our estate provides filmmakers with a diverse range of locations.

To film on our land we require a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice, applications can take up to 12 weeks to process.

We look at requests for media enquiries or interview requests on a case by case basis. Please contact our press office for any media enquiries or interview requests.

The press office is open during office hours, evenings and on weekends.


This is the form for one-off events, which may take place over one or a number of days. Events might include mountain biking or running, triathlons, equine events, paintballing, skills training, guided walks, bushcraft, carriage driving – and many others!


This is the form for you if you wish to undertake conservation, heritage or archaeological surveys that require a permit. Activities of this kind might include archaeological excavations, activities on scheduled ancient monuments or surveys of European protected species.


This form is for memorials or commemorative benches on Natural Resources Wales managed land.


You don’t need a permit for this activity – you are welcome to use the woodlands we manage for geocaching. 


This is the form for you if you are planning a longer-term project, such as the creation of access routes, upgrading paths, installing signage and seating or setting up arts trails.

Annual permits for individuals

This is the form for regular activities that may need a permit or barrier keys, such as horse riding, husky training, keeping beehives and so on (this is not an exhaustive list of potential activities).

Annual permits for businesses, clubs and societies

This is the form for you if you represent a business, club or society and need a permit or barrier keys for activities such as carriage driving and foliage gathering.

Community food

There is a growing demand for allotment sites throughout the UK. Natural Resources Wales is also receiving more requests from communities who wish to use sites at the edges of forests for growing food. Proposals should be submitted using the projects form.


Information about charges for activities, events, projects and surveys.

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