Carbon emissions trading schemes and energy efficiency

Information about government measures intended to tackle climate change and encourage UK businesses to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions

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Schemes in the package

The package of carbon emission trading and energy efficiency schemes include:

Who regulates the schemes?

Natural Resources Wales is the regulator for Welsh participants in the schemes, with the exception of CCA, which is regulated entirely by the Environment Agency. Natural Resources Wales is responsible for compliance and enforcement of the EU ETS, CRC and ESOS for Welsh participants. For the EU ETS, we are also responsible for administrative aspects of the scheme such as permitting, and the provision of detailed advice and guidance. 

Our role in the schemes

In general, the role of Natural Resources Wales can be categorised as:

  • EU ETS: compliance, enforcement, permitting (issue, variation, transfer and surrender of GHG Permits) and provision of advice and guidance
  • CRC: compliance and enforcement, and provision of advice on Wales-specific issues
  • ESOS: compliance and enforcement
  • CCA: we have no direct role, as the scheme is entirely administered by the Environment Agency

Scheme registration

The Environment Agency continue to host and administer the registration systems for all schemes, and Welsh participants should continue to utilise these UK wide systems to enable compliance. 

Natural Resources Wales also plays its part in developing the policy that supports these schemes, and utilises emission data to support Welsh Government targets. 

Why do we need the schemes?

In recent years, the climate change policy landscape covering carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions in the UK and Europe has changed dramatically. The UK government has an ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change. It has made a legal commitment to cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050.

Emission targets in Wales

The Welsh Government has a target to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in Wales by 3% every year in areas of devolved competence, against a baseline of average emissions between 2006-10. The target includes all ‘direct’ greenhouse gas emissions in Wales except those from heavy industry and power generation, which are broadly defined as those installations covered by the EU ETS. 

The Welsh Government also want Wales to achieve at least a 40% reduction in total greenhouse gas by 2020 compared to figures from 1990. The 40% target relates to all greenhouse gas emissions in Wales, not just those in areas of devolved competence, ie it includes the EU ETS traded sector.