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Woodlands and You

Find out about the various benefits of woodlands for communities, social enterprises and other users throughout Wales and how to plan successfully for events and activities

Woodlands have huge potential to benefit communities – they can be used for training and enterprise ventures, health and wellbeing initiatives and arts and community regeneration programmes. The treetops are the limit!

A priceless resource

Both the Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales want communities and social enterprises to get the greatest possible benefit from the Woodland Estate. The 'Woodlands and You' initiative aims to make it possible for more people than ever to make the most of this priceless resource.

How to apply

If you are planning to organise an activity or event, or would like to run a project on the Woodland Estate, the Woodlands and You Introduction is essential reading. It is full of useful information, such as how to make an application and how the assessment process works.

Send us your proposals!

We welcome proposals from individuals, groups and social enterprises. Proposals can be made at any time.

We would advise you to contact us for an initial chat before you start any detailed planning work – and before you start filling in the forms – so that we can give you advice and guidance and support you throughout the process.

Before you make a proposal

Before making a proposal, it is essential that you:

  • Speak to your local Area Office about the most appropriate form for you
  • Read the relevant guidance before completing the appropriate form

All the information we ask for is required information and helps us to make the right decisions for you. Please complete all the questions. If you feel that a particular question does not apply to you, please write ‘Not Applicable’ in the box rather than leaving it blank.

How to submit forms

Please note that it is not currently possible to submit forms online. There are, however, other options. You can submit your form in one of the following ways:

  • Save the form to your computer, complete it electronically and e-mail it to your Area Office
  • Print off the form, complete it by hand, and post or deliver it to your Area Office

Information in Welsh

All Woodlands and You information is also available in Welsh.

Got an idea?

Please visit our Woodlands and You guidance and forms page to see details about all available forms and to make sure you select the right one for your project.


Information about charges for activities, events, projects and surveys.

Permission Charges

Permission Charges FAQ

Contact us

Please contact your local area office before completing your form, or if you have any questions about the 'Woodlands and You' scheme.

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