Check if your land is suitable for planting trees

You will need to check that your land is suitable for tree planting before applying for any grants.

Permission to plant your woodland

You will need to own the land and register as the legal landowner or have full management control of the land before you can plant any trees. If you don’t own the land, you will need permission to plant your trees from the legal landowner.

You can find out who owns the land on the Land Registry website.

You may also need other assessments, permits or consents.

Planting on public land

If you want to plant trees on public land, contact us for help and guidance.

Check your land is suitable for tree planting

If you are planting more than 0.1 hectares (0.25 acres) and less than two hectares (4.94 acres), you can apply for the Small Grants Woodland Creation Scheme. Your land must be in a low sensitivity area.

If your land is not in a low sensitivity area, or is over two hectares, you will need to apply for the Woodland Creation Planning Scheme

Use the Woodland Opportunities Map to check if your land has any of these sensitive areas:

  • archaeological sites
  • protected areas of land
  • areas of outstanding natural beauty
  • sites with rare or protected species
  • main rivers, flood defences, acid sensitive catchments and waterbodies
  • scheduled ancient monuments
  • historic parks and gardens
  • UNESCO sites
  • national parks
  • public rights of way, open access land or common land 

Guidance on using the woodland opportunities map is available.

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