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Burry Inlet Cockle Fishery Order 1965 Management Plan

Burry Inlet Cockle Fishery Order 1965 Management Plan 

Following two rounds of public consultation (August 2012 and September 2013) on a proposed Management Plan for the cockle fishery of the Burry Inlet, the Burry Inlet Cockle Fishery Order 1965 Management Plan was approved by the Welsh Government 12 March 2015.

The Burry Inlet Cockle Fishery order 1965 Management Plan sets out Natural Resources Wales’ aim to develop a thriving cockle fishery in the Burry Inlet that supports, protects and enhances the needs of the community and the environment upon which it depends to:

  • deliver and maintain a sustainable fishery that can provide regular income to licence holders
  • avoid adverse effects on the European designated site and local residents
  • improve management, monitoring and enforcement within the Burry Inlet Fishery

Waiting List

For those applicants wishing to remain on the Waiting List for a Burry Inlet Cockle Licence, it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit this request in writing each year, to be received in our Customer Care Centre by 28th February.

The Waiting List is now closed to new applicants as noted in section 39 of this Management Plan.

Public Gathering 

Burry Inlet Cockle Fishery Personal Gathering map


With effect from 1st April 2013, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) assumed responsibility for management of the Fishery pursuant to the Burry Inlet Cockle Fishery Order 1965 (the Order). The Order confers upon NRW powers to regulate the Fishery until 15th June 2025. The Management Plan identifies our aims and objectives for the sustainable management of this natural resource.


For all enquiries regarding the Burry Inlet Cockle Fishery, please contact our Customer Care Centre on 0300 065 30000 or write to:

Burry Inlet Cockle Licencing
Customer Care Centre
Natural Resources Wales
Ty Cambria
29 Newport Road

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