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Proposal to use Environmental Improvement Unit Charge funds

In the future we may use the Environmental Improvement Unit Charge (EIUC) to pay for hydromorphological measures, as a way of tackling the effects of unsustainable abstractions more quickly and cost-effectively

What is the Environmental Improvement Unit Charge (EIUC)?

The EIUC is an additional charge applied to a water abstractor’s bill. We have collected it since 2008 to enable us to pay compensation to abstractors when we make compulsory changes to their abstraction licences because in their current form they are damaging the environment. 

What are hydromorphological measures?

Hydromorphological measures are solutions designed to improve river flows or water levels in order to counteract the damaging effects of water abstraction on the natural environment. There are many potential hydromorphological measures including, sediment management, and habitat restoration through creation of spawning and breading areas.

Consultation response document

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales consulted on the Proposal to use Environmental Improvement Unit Charge (EIUC) funds to implement hydromorphological measures to address unsustainable abstraction from 22 March to 14 June. A consultation response document has been published on the Environment Agency’s website.

What does this mean for Wales?

We will be working with Welsh Government to decide how and whether EIUC funds should be used to implement hydromorphological measures, as a more cost-effective option for tackling unsustainable abstractions in Wales. Responses to the consultation will aid our decision making and determine the most appropriate method of implementation. Final proposals will be outlined in Welsh Government’s Water Strategy, which is currently under development.

You can view full details of the comments received and our formal response to the consultation on Environment Agency's website.

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