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Stocking and moving fish in Wales

Information about how we regulate fish movements and stocking in Wales

Find information about how we regulate fish movements and stocking in Wales and what consent you need for moving fish.

Fish stocking and cropping are important tools in managing your fishery, but if not done properly they can put your fishery at risk.

New Regulations for 2015

Government will introduce new rules for fish suppliers and fishery owners in Wales on 20th January 2015

The new regulations will replace the current two systems of applying for a consent for each fish stocking operation (under Section 30 of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act) and holding a licence to keep non-native fish in the wild (under the Import of Live Fish Act).

In summary

From 20th January:

Site Permit

Each stocked fishery, for example a stillwater or stretch of river, will require a single, permanent Site Permit (issued to a "responsible person", someone with a direct interest in the fishery such as the fishery owner or manager, or an angling club official.

Supplier Permit

Fish suppliers will be issued with a Supplier Permit, allowing them to operate;

Fish suppliers must carry Consignment Notes when transporting fish.

  • Tier 1 Supplier Permit holders will only need to complete the fish movement record book they are required to carry under the Aquatic Animal Health Regulations and supplied by the Fish Health Inspectorate
  • Forms for Tier 2 suppliers will be supplied with permits

Fish suppliers must send us advance Notification (minimum 2 working days) ahead of any planned movement when carrying out certain high risk fish movements. Please use the downloadable form below or phone or email our Customer Care Centre.

How to apply for a Site or Supplier permit to keep or move fish

Supplier permits will be issued by our Customer Care Centre and Site Permits by Area Fisheries Officers. Please note this process can normally take up to 10 days for Site permits (and 20 days for more complex applications involving, for example, those relating to protected sites or non-native fish).

To apply for a permit please contact our Customer Care Centre on 0300 065 3000 or at

How to apply for consent to move fish

Anyone using any fishing instruments other than rod and line (for example electric fishing or netting), must get written consent from Natural Resources Wales before doing so.

Please download the form ‘FR2 ‘and complete the details about your application. Completed forms can be posted or emailed to our Customer Care Centre.

Customer Care Centre (Fisheries Permits)
Natural Resources Wales
29 Newport Road
CF24 0TP

Removal of non-native and native crayfish

We are responsible for authorising the removal of non-native crayfish and licensing the removal of native crayfish in Wales. The native white-clawed crayfish is a protected species.

We do not authorise fishing for non-native crayfish, but occasionally we authorise trapping for research purposes. We recommend you discuss your proposals with us before applying for authorisation by completing an application form.

If you need help and advice

Please get in touch with us if you need any help with your application or if you need general advice about fish stocking or fisheries management. You can contact us on 0300 065 3000 or at

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