People Survey 2016

Our People Survey was carried out in April 2016 in order to gauge honest opinions from staff on how they feel about working for Natural Resources Wales and find out which areas of work we needed to focus on to improve things

Conducting this survey and analysing the results has given us an understanding of important issues like the impact of change, pressures on finances in the public sector and understanding a new way of working on staff.

The results demonstrate issues we need to address to make Natural Resources Wales a better place to work and the passion and commitment our staff have to their work and to the wildlife and people of Wales.

Emyr Roberts, Chief Executive of Natural Resources Wales, said:

“The results are disappointing and trends show the impact of continuing to deliver services during a time of constant change as we transition from three organisations into one whilst budgets decrease and we achieve the £158 million savings that formed the business case for creating Natural Resources Wales. 

“However it has also been a time of great achievement and in three years we have continued to deliver important work to help the environment in Wales.

“Serious flooding and a major disease in our larch trees are just two of our successes. Less visible have been things such as implementing new systems and working practices.

“But that has all involved change – which is almost always unsettling. And it is clear from the results of the staff survey that we, as senior managers, need to do more to support them through what remains a challenging time.

“NRW’s Board and Executive Team were determined to run the survey to understand that impact and I hear what our people are saying.  What comes next is vital, staff have told us how they feel and where we need to focus to improve the situation.

“We are extremely lucky to have such committed, passionate and highly skilled staff and we must work harder to engage and support them. Finding our way through this is essential because we play an important role in a better future in Wales by managing the environment and natural resources sustainably.”

The results of our People Survey 2016 are available here.