Developing our Corporate Plan (2023 to 2030)

What we are doing

We are preparing our Corporate Plan that will run from 2023 to 2030. We are asking our stakeholders for their support in shaping its development.

Our first step in writing the new Corporate Plan is to agree our Well-being Objectives. They explain what we want to achieve for nature in Wales and how we will deliver them through our annual business plans. We want to make sure a wide range of people are involved in developing our Well-being Objectives, to represent the views of people from all over Wales.

Our Well-being Objectives need to be ambitious and achievable. They need to show our contribution towards the Well-being goals, tackling the climate and nature emergencies and continuing our commitment to delivering the sustainable management of natural resources. To achieve this, we need to involve as many of our stakeholders as possible.

What happens next

Once we have our Well-being Objectives agreed, we can work on how we’re going to make them happen, and what we need to do on the ground, ourselves and in partnership with other groups and individuals. This will form the main part of our Corporate Plan and will include measures and targets to monitor our work and keep us on track.

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