National Peatland Action Programme 2020-2025

Peatlands extend over an estimated 4% of the Welsh landscape supporting many important habitats and species. They are an important natural resource for carbon storage and capture, the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity and water regulation.

Peatland environments across Wales are in need of urgent action to reverse habitat loss and poor condition.

Protected site designation, agri-environment support and land management interventions have all proved highly beneficial, but there has been a growing need for a national programme of coordinated activity.

Wales' first peatland action programme

Wales’ first national peatland action progamme outlines a plan of action to be taken over the next five years with six priority themes:

  1. Peatland erosion
  2. Peatland drainage
  3. Sustainable management of blanket peats
  4. Sustainable management of lowland peats
  5. The restoration of afforested peatlands
  6. The gradual restoration of our highest carbon emitting peatlands

The programme will target those peatland bodies most in need of restoration with the aim of delivering 600-800 hectares of restoration per year. It will also safeguard those in good and recovering condition.

Activity will be delivered by NRW and partners across a range of land uses on both private and public land.

Read the action programme

Download the National Peatland Action Programme.

Download the National Peatland Action Programme's outline of key project actions during year 1 and the scope of actions for years 2-5.

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