Marine and freshwater fisheries

Sustainable inland fisheries in Wales agenda for change

They are a key indicator of environmental quality, offer opportunities for recreation, and provide jobs and income.

Marine and freshwater fisheries, and their supporting ecosystems, are of great importance to the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of Wales. Over the years, Wales has been firmly put on the fishing map. However, there are challenges to ensure that our fisheries are sustainable now, and in the future.

In establishing Natural Resources Wales, we have the opportunity to consider our role and focus in fisheries management and how we can work better with partners in these areas.

There are also opportunities through management of our estate, our own plans, programmes and projects, and through our regulatory role to develop new approaches, demonstrate best practice and implement an ecosystems approach.

Agenda for change

Following a series of discussions with interested communities we have identified draft outcomes and headline ideas that will allow us to ensure that Welsh inland fisheries deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.

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