Communities and Regeneration Plan 2015-2020

children place stones around a treeThe Plan will guide our staff and partners as they work to achieve:

  • Increased public understanding of and care for natural resources – leading to behaviour change  and more sustainable ways of living
  • Improved social equity and community cohesion
  • Increased economic benefits for people and communities – reducing levels of poverty

Delivery will be monitored through a Results Based Accountability plan.

A wide-ranging plan

The Plan presents our objectives for our work with communities. Its scope is wide - it covers the way in which we:

  • run our business and enable others to use the land we manage to deliver a range of environmental, economic and social benefits (we directly manage 7% of the land area of Wales – much of it near to where people live and work: 120,000ha of woodland, 42 National Nature Reserves and 5 Visitor Centres)
  • advise and support others to deliver similar wide-ranging benefits for communities across Wales

A key enabling organisation

Natural Resources Wales's role as an enabling organisation is key to this plan. Facilitating and working collaboratively with others will be a core part of our activity.

NRW’s Communities and Regeneration Enabling Plan

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