Works starts to protect Welsh community from the sea

Natural Resources Wales will start work this week on a flood scheme that will reduce the risk of flooding for people in 127 homes and 15 businesses.

The £1.6 million scheme will raise the level of the car park opposite the Post Office in Penclawdd and build new flood walls along the estuary side of Glanmor Terrace and West End.

Penclawdd is at risk of tidal flooding from the Loughor Estuary and was last affected by major flooding in 1981, whilst several properties were also flooded in January this year.

The car park, which is important for local businesses, floods on a regular basis during high tides.

Following detailed investigations and consultation with local people, Natural Resources Wales has developed a scheme to reduce the risk to the accepted standard of 1 in 200 chance of happening any year.

There could be minor disruption during the work which is expected to end before Christmas.

The work will be carried out by contractors Galliford Try and is funded by Welsh Government.

Paul Isaac, Project Manager for the scheme for Natural Resources Wales said:

“We saw over the winter and into the New Year the devastating impact that the coastal flooding can have on our communities. “It is a difficult experience which can bring a whole community to a standstill. “This scheme is an important part of our commitment to protect people, their homes and their places of work from the increasing risk of flooding.”

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