Work to reduce flood risk in Rhuddlan

Pont robin

People in a north Wales town are at reduced risk of flooding after Natural Resources Wales (NRW) carried out important work on their flood defences.

Rhuddlan now benefits from new tidal doors, installed on the Pont Robin Cut, which will play a vital part in keeping the tide out of up to 20 homes and businesses in low-lying areas of the town.

The tidal doors will be operated manually by NRW staff during high-tides.

Cameras and river level gauging equipment have also been installed so that NRW staff can continuously monitor the area remotely.

The structure is now easier to maintain and will reduce the risk of debris and silt blocking the watercourse.

It also increases the time when eels and other fish species can migrate upstream.

Keith Ivens, Flood Risk Manager, NRW said: “Keeping communities safe from flooding is a key part of our work.

“Carrying out these important works at Pont Robin sluice provides another line of defence in reducing the risk of tidal flooding to areas of the town.

“The penstock will be lowered temporarily when required during high tides and then returned to its open position.

“Whilst we can’t prevent all flooding from happening, we work to reduce the risks to people and their properties and hope this work will provide peace of mind to people in Rhuddlan.”

Anyone concerned about flooding can check their flood risk, and find out if a free flood warning service is available in their area by calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or by visiting

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