We stop waste site operating

Our officers have acted to stop any more waste being taken on to a site which caught fire last week

Working with the full support of Flintshire County Council and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, we moved swiftly to de-register the site of 300 Recycling at Factory Road, Sandycroft, in the interests of public safety after finding that the site could no longer operate safely. 

Our officers concluded that carrying on with operations would pose an unacceptable risk to people and the environment. 

The action means that it is now also illegal to store and treat waste on site. 

We will now work with the company to make sure this happens and discuss the future of the site with the owners. 

Anthony Randles, North East Wales team leader for Natural Resources Wales, said:

“It has become apparent to us that it’s no longer possible for this site to operate safely without posing an unacceptable risk to people and the environment. 

“As a result we have moved quickly to de-register the site. 

“This means that they can no longer accept any more waste on to the site and must take immediate steps to reduce the risk it poses. 

“We will be working closely with the site operators to help them do this. 

“Our priority must always be to protect people and the local environment and that’s what we have done in this instance.” 

We are working with North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Flintshire County Council, and the North Wales Regional Emergency Planning Services to address different aspects of this site and its risks. 

We are responsible for environmental protection, NWFRS has responsibility for minimising future fire risk from the site while officers from Flintshire Council’s Public Protection Service provide advice and guidance about public safety if required.

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