Waste operator’s permit revoked

A waste facility in Blaenau Ffestiniog has had its environmental permit revoked, effective from today (19 November, 2013), after failing to comply with the conditions in its permit over a period of time.

Natural Resources Wales has informed the permit holders, Christopher and George Evans, that they will no longer be able to legally operate the waste facility, which accepted end of life vehicles for scrap metal.

It follows a recent conviction, whereby one of the permit holders, Christopher Evans, was convicted of failing to comply with an enforcement notice requiring them to comply with the terms of their permit.

The individuals have been informed that as of today (19 November, 2013), they must not accept any new waste or treat any further waste materials on site. All remaining waste, including vehicles, waste fuel, scrap metal and parts, must be removed from the site by 17 March 2014.

Failure to comply with this could lead to prosecution.

Tim Jones from Natural Resources Wales said:

“We put strict permit conditions in place for a reason – to make sure that the environment and people living in the nearby area are protected.

“We’ll always provide help and advice to permit holders to help them meet the regulations, but in this case, the individuals failed to take on board our advice and consistently breached their conditions.

“In cases like this we have no choice but to revoke the permit.  As well as protecting people and the environment, we also need to ensure a level playing field for those who are operating legitimately so they are not disadvantaged by those who aren’t.”

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