Slurry pollution update – 17/06/17

Slurry pollution in the Afon Bach and River Clwyd

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has confirmed that water quality in the Afon Bach and River Clwyd has improved following the recent slurry pollution.

NRW has informed Denbighshire County Council of the results from water samples taken last night, so they can today (17 June, 2017) remove the notices on beaches in Rhyl (Rhyl and Rhyl East) advising people not to bathe. 

However, officers estimate that the impact of yesterday’s pollution may have killed up to 1,000 fish, including trout and eels. 

Officers remain onsite to monitor the works being undertaken by the farmer on the damaged slurry lagoon, and to monitor the affected rivers. 

To reduce the risk of further pollution entering the river, the farmer has blocked any further possible pollution routes from the slurry lagoon, and has bunded a ditch that leads into the Afon Bach. 

Nick Thomas, from Natural Resources Wales said: 

“Our rivers and bathing waters are important to our local economy, so when pollution happens, it’s important that we act quickly to minimise the damage. 

“Slurry can have a devastating impact on our rivers and the wildlife that depend on it, as we’ve seen here. 

“We continue to work with farmers, and the farming unions, to reduce the chances of incidents like this happening. Farmers concerned about their slurry stores should contact us for advice and guidance about how to reduce the risk of pollution.”

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