£3million on offer for environmental projects

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is making £3million available to projects to improve the environment across Wales.

Over the past year, it has been identifying the key challenges that faces the Welsh environment.

Now it has announced that money, and other support, will be on offer to organisations that can offer projects to meet these challenges as part of a new commissioning approach.

The challenges have been split into four themes:

  • Ensuring that land and water is managed sustainably - reducing the risk from environmental hazards such as flooding and pollution
  • Improving the resilience and quality of our ecosystems - improving habitat management, biodiversity and connectivity
  • Helping people to live healthier and more fulfilled lives - improving access to the outdoors
  • Promoting successful and responsible business - using the natural environment to support the economy and develop skills 

This year, NRW will streamline its application process, inviting initial expressions of interest. Successful applicants at the first stage will then be invited to make a full application.

 Jont Bulbeck, NRW Manger for Recreation, Access, Communities and Strategic Funding, said:

“Working with other organisations is crucial. We know that we cannot achieve our ambitions for the Welsh environment alone.

“In the past our grant funding has helped some of our most threatened wildlife, improved habitats and increased access to some of Wales' most spectacular landscapes.

“Indeed, they've delivered real improvements for the Welsh environment, people and economy.

The expression of interest window is open until 14 January 2018.


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