Our new look website – now live!

If you visit our website today (13 August, 2014) you’ll notice some big changes. Take a look, what do you think?

The new design…

We think the design is sleeker and simpler. It also gives us more space to show video clips, images and content from our social media channels.

New site

Our new look homepage

Some of the main design changes you will notice on the site, as Cameron has mentioned in previous posts are:

  • links to our most popular pages – now easier to find at the top right of each page
  • new section for news and events - bringing the latest stories of work we’re doing in your communities
  • flood warnings and alerts – now bigger and visible on more pages
  • search function - bigger, more visible search bar on every page
  • language button – easier to find on top right of every page
  • Oh, and it should look better if you view it on your mobile or tablet now too!

Introducing the ‘tiles’ approach…

The other, quite significant, change we’ve made is to the ‘core navigation’ (menus and landing pages).

sixteen squares for the navigation

Our new site menu

We’ve removed the hover and the drop-down menus we previously had on the top of the site.

Now we have 16 ’tiles’ on our homepage.

If you click on a tile, you will go to an index page with more tiles within that section. What this should mean, is that you find the page you are looking for within four clicks.

We’ve tried to give each tile a clear title and brief description (some will change as we develop the site further).

More ways to find your content…

People browse websites in slightly different ways. You can choose to browse through the tiles, click on the ‘popular pages’ or just use the search to find what you’re looking for.

So please tell us if you find the page you needed, or not….

We’re only just beginning!

So we’ve gone live with our new design and layout, but we still haven’t reviewed and created all the new content pages that will live beneath our tiles. We are also constantly reviewing our content and fixing little things here and there. If you find something that doesn’t work, please let us know and we’ll get right onto it.

This is a HUGE task – our legacy organisations had thousands of pages of content. We will need to be strict with ourselves as we decide what we need, and don’t need on our site in future (more on this in a future post…)

We hope you like the new site. We’d love to hear your views – either on the blog here, or email us at digitalcommsteam@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk

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