Grant funding opportunities

Find out about grant funding opportunities from Natural Resources Wales

Your project

We offer grant funding opportunities for individuals and organisations seeking to run projects that:

  • Build in measures to enable nature and people to adapt to climate change
  • Build ecosystem resilience at the appropriate scale – in catchments or at a landscape scale
  • Make a difference to people and communities at the same time as building ecosystem resilience
  • Connect people with nature and environmental issues

Types of grant funding

We offer three types of grant funding:

  • Shared outcomes request - you can make a request at any time
  • Competitive funding - there is no competitive funding currently open
  • Strategic allocated funding - we will allocate funding to partners from 2020/2021 to 2023/24

Shared outcomes request

A shared outcomes request can be made by individuals, organisations, the private sector and third sector.

If you have a good idea that requires funding, please discuss it with your usual NRW contact. If you don't have an NRW contact, please email outlining your idea and location and we will point you in the right direction.

You can make a shared outcomes request at any time.

After an initial discussion, we'll provide you with a checklist to help you submit your proposal.

You'll receive a final decision within four months of your submission.

Competitive funding

There is no competitive fund currently open.

We will advertise opportunities on this page.

We are working with our networks to tailor competitive grants that align with the priorities emerging from the seven Area Statements. They will be a key resource in helping us tackle the challenge presented by the recently declared climate and nature emergency.

Strategic allocated funding

We are finalising strategic allocated grant funding.

We will seek to allocate funding to support priority outcomes including from Area Statements and the corporate plan.

Allocated funds will be for the duration of our corporate plan plus one year (2020/21 – 2023/24).

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