NRW upcoming contracts - Procurement pipeline 2022/23

Contract Title Category Expected Award Date
Hard Services Maintenance Facilities Management and Mechanical/Electrical Services  01/03/2023
Soft Services Maintenance Facilities Management and Mechanical/Electrical Services  01/03/2023
Fencing Contract South East  2022 Land Management 01/12/2022
Enforcement Equipment Corporate & Business Services  Not known at present
Waste Sites (Drones) Survey Instrumentation Not known at present
Recreation Visitor counters Land Management 01/01/2023
Vessel Skipper Marine 12/11/2022
Air Quality Monitoring Framework Instrumentation 30/06/2022
Bathing Water Quality Prediction model for Barry Flood Risk and Environmental Consultancy Services 30/06/2022
Food - Fresh Food, Catering & Hospitality  Not known at present
First Aid training Corporate & Business Services 30/06/2022
Chemical Injection Disease Control Framework Forest Operations 01/08/2022
Restocking and Beating Up Forest Operations 01/02/2023
Specialist Forestry Advice Service Forest Operations  07/08/2023
Livestock Management Service Forest Operations 22/08/2023
Asset Maintenance Framework 3 Civil Engineering - Flood Risk & Habitat Improvements 01/08/2022
Ground Preparations Forest Operations 07/08/2022
Supply of Chemicals framework Forest Operations 07/04/2023
Forest Roads Civil Engineering Framework Land Management 30/09/2022
Service, Inspection, Maintenance & Repair of NRWs Fleet Assets Fleet and Related Services 01/07/2022
Venison - Carcass Sale Contract (income)- COMMERCIAL Land Management 01/12/2022
Mountain Bike Framework Land Management 01/07/2022
FME Server Licences Corporate & Business Services 01/09/2022
Metal Fabrication and Welding - South Wales Land Management 01/07/2022

As part of our transparency and open data standards we publish a procurement pipeline to assist suppliers in planning and preparing for forthcoming procurements.

All requirements will be advertised through the Sell2Wales website.

The pipeline is reviewed every 6 months and published dates may be subject to changed and information is indicative only.

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