January 2018 Disclosure Log

These have been released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and/or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Please note that the disclosure log does not list everything that has been released under the Access to Information Legislation. 

The criteria for disclosing responses include: 

  • A substantial public interest
  • Demonstration of internal procedures
  • Demonstration of how public money has been spent or information concerning resources

Some responses/supporting documents are particularly voluminous or are not held in an electronic format. Where practical, we have scanned the documents concerned and made them available online via our website. 

This lists all the significant information requests. All personal information, both about the requester and within the request, has been removed to safeguard privacy. 

However, in certain cases the volume of files involved makes this impractical and we are happy to provide the information requested in a hard copy format upon request. For information about how to access any such material please contact: accesstoinformationteam@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk

In order to request copies of our response letters please write to atiteam@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk quoting the ATI reference number 

Disclosures (Complete responses, redacted responses and details of information not held) for requests received in January 2018.

ATI Reference Summary of Request Legislation Information Released Exemption Applied
ATI-14600a Request for all information around UK packing producers registered for 2017 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14547a Request for information on NRW's position for different classifications of water bodies in relation to the Bury Inlet Spills EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14612a Request for documentation that defines the borders of Pengwern common EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14529a Request for all copies of correspondence, including minutes held with NRW relating to the disposal of foul sewer in respect of planning application A170194 Bargoed, Llwyncelyn, Ceredigion. EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14530a Request for all noise assessment and monitoring exercises carried out in respect of the premises of Randall Parker Foods Limited at Dolwen, Llanidloes, SY18 6LX from 24 October 2017 to date, including all costs incurred for carrying out assessment.  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13600c Request for all information NRW holds on the Trebanos sewage treatment works by Dwr Cymru EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14519a Request for information NRW holds on notification of household waste imported to incineration plant EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13081b Request for hourly emissions report for the Aberthaw Power Station between 2016 and 2018. EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14476a Request for a list of bespoke waste and installation permit holders in Wales over last three months  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14482a Request for copies of correspondence between NRW  and Welsh Government in relation to Cockle licences in the River Dee EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14485a Request for copies of records which led to Henton Farm being placed as a hostile site  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14499a Request for scoring criteria NRW used on fire prevention plans for waste and installation operators EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14518a Request for NRW's soil report for Bwlchgwyn Farm EIR (2004) Refusal sent EIR 12.4(d) In course of completion
ATI-14474a Request for information on the Roath Flood Scheme work between Roath Brook Gardens to Roath Mill Gardens EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14544a Request for all documentation relating to  Nant-y-Fuwch licence applications EIR (2004) Part refused - Part information sent EIR 12.4(b) Manifestly unreasonable
ATI-14447a Request for all documents relating to NRW's annual fisheries budget EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14448a Request for NRW to share data held in the RDF and SRF Wales database between 2010-2017 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14449a Request to know how many deer have been killed since NRW  was first formed EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14451a Request to know how many ponies NRW own, how many have passed since NRW formed and what caused their deaths.  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14446a Request for list of official complaints or license offences made against the Water Sewerage Plant Cardiff during the last ten years  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14437a Request for further information regarding the Roath Brook and Roath Gardens Flood Scheme EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14438a Request for information on what requirements have been imposed by NRW on St Modwen Developments for their proposed discharge of surface water from their Glan Llyn Development to Monk’s Ditch in Llanwern, Newport.   EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14394a Request for information on all invasive species found in Wales EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14396a Request for all information regarding potential polluted groundwater at Brofiscin Quarry EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14445a Request for copies of marine licence application and any associated HRA Wylfa Newydd  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14395a Request for all information NRW holds incidents that occurred at Bryn Neuadd on January, February and March 2003 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14398a Request for information in regards to Kronospan Limited, Maesgwyn Farm, Holyhead Road, Chirk, Wrexham LL14 5NT EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14402a Request for information to see if NRW has released a new waste water permit to Welsh Water in relation to spill frequency trigger points EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
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